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Shanghai Tianxiang & Chentai Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd., was founded in 1936. It was reorganized into a Sino Foreign Joint Venture in 1992, with total investment being USD9.58 million and area of the factory 24000 square meters and registered trade marks “Tianxiang”, “Chentai” and “STC”. In a long time, this Company have made significant contributions to the development of pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical machinery industry in China, with the rate of availability of the products made by this Company being Number One in China and products have been exported to the United States, Europe, Mideast and Southeastern countries. Shanghai Hua Tai Control Co., Ltd., (a member company of the former Electronics Ministry No. 21 Institute Group Co., Ltd.,) the majority shareholder of this Company is a Hi Tech Enterprise, specialized in the automation and digital control technology. It is a firm guarantee for the products developed by this Company to be in compliance with the requirements of cGMP and FDA in terms of the digital control in the development of the pharmaceutical machines in this Company.

The main products of the Company are various kinds of low, medium or high speed tablet press and other equipment for making the solid dose forms with the complete specifications and models of high speed tablet press such as GZPK1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 with 16 models. In addition, it produces tablet in tablet machines, tablet press for tablets with a large diameter and tablet press for laboratory use, which can meet the various requirements o the tablet making factories. Many machines developed by this Company are now the main tablet presses in today’s market.

Besides, this Company manufactures various sizes of Soft gel equipment, for medical and health care industry.

The special purpose tablet presses developed by this Company for industries such as food stuff, batteries, electronics, chemicals and magnetic materials occupies a large market share with a high reputation in China.

This Company also developes various associated equipment for the solid dose forms by such as pulverizing machines, mixing machines, granulating machines, conveyors and dust extractors for providing the customers with integrated solutions. The Company boosts of a professional dose form technological process laboratory to provide services and technical support to the customer for their development of their products and an R&D team with the complete technologies, which developed the first Chinese Tablet Press in 1960, the first high speed tablet press made by China in 1987 and the first Chinese tablet in tablet press in 2001. The Company made the significant technical break through in the weight precision control technology, pressure control technology and feeding control technology and has been awarded with more than two dozens of patents, state scientific achievement prizes and the first prize in the electromechanical progress, with outstanding contributions to the improvement of the technologies for the pharmaceutical equipment in China and promotion of the comprehensive enhancement of the technical level in the pharmaceutical equipment industry. The Company is the first one who completed the preparation of the trade technical standards of “Rotary Tablet Press”, “Wet Mixer and Granulator” and “Tooling of the High Speed Tablet Press”. This Company established the R&D bases combining the industry, education and research jointly with Shanghai East China Computing Technology Institute, Tong Ji University, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and East China University of Science and Technology, attempting the continuous renovation and challenging the high technologies for the pharmaceutical equipment. Being attentive to the value for the user and producing the best Chinese tablet presses is the core ideology of the Company. We shall provide the high quality products and excellent services to meet the demands of the customers based on the focus on the value for the customer and win the credits from the customers with our sincerity.